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     Chris & Chris

     Mike Dennis



    Firefly starts when Chris Daniel, Rick Pieper and Bob Ohsiek got together in Rick's garage in 2005 to form a new group.  Chris and Bob had played together in Kelly and the Beachcombers.  Chris met Rick through his son Patrick a fellow drummer. After the first rehearsal it was apparent they needed a singer and Kate was introduced and the band was formed.  The initial band was called Final Frontier but after being banned from Bullwacker's for playing too loud, the name was changed to Firefly (The name was derived from the television shown - not the bug).


    Bob moved on too other projects and Bill Smith joined the band. Chris met Bill while in the Beachcombers and had an instant connection.  During this period Dan Hernandez briefly joined the band on keyboards (along with his girlfriend Jane on percussion) but a move to the Central Valley forced Dan to quit. The band had a good run doing the American Legion circuit.


    Bill got busy with other projects and the band brought in Nelson Anderson.  Nelson was a friend of Rick who needed a rhythm section for a new years eve gig. After a rehearsal Chris suggested Kate be added  and the new line up of Firefly was born.


    At the end of 2008 Nelson moved on to greener pastures and the band re-formed with Rod Ramone and Bill Smith.  Chris had met Rod in a side project with drummer Jack Aiello.  The addition of Rod immediately elevated the band's vocals and the band moved back into covering the classic rock of the 1970s, mixing in a few hits from 1960s for good measure. 


    For several years Chris had been a member of Fishook, a Santa Cruz based classic rock band, where he met Ian Mcfadden. When Rod left, Chris invited Ian to join "The Fly". Ian again helped elevate the vocals and added  both 12 string and acoustic guitars.


    Bill left again to pursue other projects and Chris Stine joined as his replacement.  The two Chris' met when the senior Chris was filling in at a Fishook gig a few years earlier.  They had reconnected at a Carbone's jam and had started a side project. 


    Yet more changes.  Ian left to pursue "The 60's Project" (with Bill). The two Chris' brought in Dave West whom they knew from playing at Salinas Valley Community Church.  Dave was with the band for six months before moving on.   


    Bob Aguilar joins the band on keyboards.  


    Chris Stine retires and moves to South Carolina.  Mike Dennis joins Firefly. The current lineup is Kate, Chris, Rick, Mike and Bob with Terry Shehorn and/or Bob Ohsiek joining the band on special occasions.  

    Firefly over the years

    "Guitar Bob" Ohsiek, Chris Daniel, Tom Hendandez (on drums), Bill Smith - playing as Bill Smith and the Hellcats (circa 2004) 

     Rick, Bill, Chris and Kate

     Dan H, Bill Smith,  Jane, Rick Pieper, Kate and Chris Daniel (2005)

     Rick, Kate, Chris and Nelson Anderson (2007)

     Kate, Chris, Rick, Bill and Rod Ramone

     Bill, Ian McFadden, Kate, Rick and Chris

     Chris Stine, Dave West, Rick, Kate and Chris

     Rick, Chris, Kate & Chris

     Bob, Rick, Kate, Chris & Chris

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